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Golden Junior Baseball Association



Group 1 : 8 - 9 year olds - 8:30am - 10:05am
Group 2 : 10 - 11 year olds - 10:15am - 12:00pm
Group 3 : 12 -14 year olds - 1:00pm - 2:20pm



The Golden Junior Baseball Philosophy:

To allow Players to have FUN and enjoy participation in a competitive team effort

To teach each Player an appreciation for, and love of, the game of baseball.  

To teach Players how to hit, run, throw, catch, play outfield and play infield. These skills must and should be learned by all Players. Position play for games is common for the most competitive teams. Practices should incorporate the learning of all of the afore-mentioned skills by all Players.

Given the critical nature of pitching and catching to the success of any team, only Players requesting to play pitcher or catcher with a demonstrated ability and desire in the SOLE OPINION of the Coach are allowed to pitch or play catcher.  

To teach each Player that by continued application of mental and physical effort in practices, routines, and drills (good work habits) that every Player can improve their personal skill level and performance and contribute to the success of their team in games.  

To these ends GJBA tries to Draft Players within an age group into teams that possess similar skill-sets and levels-of-development in order to field competitive teams so that the teams will experience a degree of success.  This also permits the more rapid development of skill-sets as the same coaching techniques can be broadly applied to all of the Players on the team.

It is important for the Parents to remember that all of the Coaches are volunteers and that all of the Players are children and young adults. No Player may be compelled or badgered into playing for any team against the wishes of the Parent. Players play VOLUNTARILY for Teams. Similarly, no Coach may be compelled or badgered into accepting any particular Player onto his/her Team. Coaches select or request Players to play for them VOLUNTARILY. With proper parental participation and assistance every Player will develop and improve their bodies, minds and teamwork skills no matter what the skill level of the team that the Player is drafted onto.

Always remember the Player is developing continuously throughout their lives. No single event or activity can, or should, substitute or interfere with the love, play and understanding that the Parent gives the Player. Your time and assistance in learning and developing is your Player’s Player single greatest asset. The Parents are your Player’s Player greatest coach. GJBA always needs Parents to be involved in the development of your Player and their team and volunteers to assist in the administrative activities of GJBA. GJBA always seeks proper and supportive parental involvement for our teams and the Association.



Many factors influence the selection of a Player in the drafting process. No single factor is weighed in the same way by any coach (or group of coaches) while evaluating, drafting, and selecting players for a team. GJBA has tried to outline the process below. Despite its subjective nature, GJBA endeavors to make the process as fair and as uniform as possible.


  1. Scores are taken at tryouts for various skills used in evaluating raw athletic talent and skill-sets for baseball. At least 2 coaches (not from that age-group) score the Player’s performance for each skill-set. Scorers try to be objective and fair. No scorer is perfect. No Player necessarily performs at their peak at tryouts. Tryouts are a single tool in overall player evaluation.


  1. Coaches choose Players with an eye toward filling all of the positions a team needs in the field, irrespective of tryout scores in the general sense.


  1. Past performance of Players on a team (demonstrated ability, desire to learn, diligence, effort, cooperation, attitude, etc.) is just as important a set of values in Player selection as any other criteria.


  1. Your registration form: You may specify a Coach or Coaches that You WILL NOT ALLOW Your Player to play for. You may specify that Your Player is only to play at the Recreational Level.   These are YOUR CHOICES ALONE and these statements govern the GJBA Tryout /Draft Process. 


  1. Desire to Return to a Team: If you desire to have your Player return to a Coach as a Returning Team the Coach must voluntarily inform you that your Player will be part of the Returning Team. This cannot happen without the Coach’s voluntary consent. 


  1. Returning Teams and Recruiting: If your Player is accepted onto a Returning Team at a given skill level by the Coach then no other coach at that same skill-level may draft or recruit your Player for their Team. A Team at a higher skill level may freely request that a Player “play-up” at that skill level. You as a Parent may decline or accept this request at your sole discretion. Please immediately inform your old Coach if you are going to elect to “play-up”.


  1. Coaches must have at least six (6) returning players (minimum) in order to have a Returning Team. Coaches may elect to send all or none of their Returning Team Players to Draft. Coaches may elect to not have a Returning Team (all former Players must then go to Draft). Coaches must notify Parents who have requested a slot on their Returning Teams at least one week in advance of tryouts if that Coach does not desire to have the Player return to the Returning team.   That Player must then go to the tryouts to be available for the Draft.


  1. Past parental behavior and participation in helping the Team and/or their own Player is also a valid consideration in Draft selection.


The Tryout/Draft process is complicated and contains objective and subjective elements. The selection to or failure of any Player to “make-the-team” of their choice is not the beginning or end of the world.   Teams are selected and rosters are finalized during week after the final fall and spring tryouts are completed. Parents must be available to contact during this process until they are notified which Team their Player is on.   Failure to be available may result in assignment without consent.



Each Team has a single Head Coach. The Head Coach is a volunteer acting with the approval and knowledge of the Golden Junior Baseball Association.   The Executive Committee of the GJBA reserves the right to select the Head Coach if more than one volunteer steps forward to Coach a Team. GJBA currently plays in The Altitude League.

The Head Coach may have as many or as few Assistant Coaches as he desires. GJBA strongly encourages parental participation in playing with and teaching skills to Players at both practice and home. GJBA strongly encourages each Head Coach to have at least one Assistant Coach.


The Altitude League is structured by skill-level at each age group:

Level 0: Zero League: The most competitive teams at each age level. Position play is common. Large commitment of time by Parents and effort by Players is required.   Parental participation with Players is required to maintain and improve advanced skills. Vacation conflicts are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. Significant tournament play (can be expensive or time consuming for fund raising).

Level 1: AAA: The next most competitive teams. Position play is more prevalent. Large commitment of effort to improve good primary skills and begin to develop advanced skills by Players. Parents must assist Players in acquiring advanced skills and improving primary skills through at-home practices. Vacation conflicts are discouraged. Significant tournament play (can be expensive or time consuming for fund raising).

Level 2: AA: The least competitive non-recreational teams at each age level. Position play least common of competitive teams. Large commitment of effort to acquire and improve primary skills by Players. Parental commitment to play and practice with Players away from practice is required for Players to learn, retain and improve basic and some primary skills. Vacation conflicts are likely. Some tournament play.

Neither GJBA, Altitude, nor our volunteer Coaches warrants, promises or guarantees the success and development of your Player and your family in team practice or league play. Baseball represents an excellent opportunity for Parents to work with, play with, get to know and appreciate your own Players. The success of these programs and your Players is largely dependent on your active participation, practice and play with your Player and the other Players on the team.  

Parents should give considerable consideration to the time and vacation and expense considerations outlined above. Choose the most appropriate level of competition and commitment for your Player and your family. Emphasize fun for Your Player and family and make no commitment you will not honor.   Enjoy the participation and play of your Player and their Team in the Great American Pastime.



Tryout /Draft Organization: The GJBA President is in overall charge of Tryout implementation.

The Tryout Director will organize and conduct the Tryout. Tryouts will group Players by age-level. No Coach may evaluate Players at an age-level he/she coaches or any age-level their own Player participates in (for purposes of scoring at Draft Day). DRAFT DAY SCORES ARE THE SOLE PROPERTY OF GJBA AND ARE NOT TO BE DISCLOSED TO PARENTS OR ANYONE ELSE. Volunteer Coaches will conduct and evaluate the various skill-set drills and score the Players. 

Each Age-Level has a Coordinator to facilitate the draft process and to assist in team formation.  

The Age-Level Coordinators are as follows:

2020 Age-Group Coordinators TBA

After Tryouts and final registration tally the Age-Level Coordinators and the respective Coaches will determine the appropriate team size for the various skill-levels to allow the maximum number of Players to play in a competitive environment in the given age-level. Keeping Players in GJBA is to be strongly encouraged. ALL PLAYERS AT TRYOUTS ARE POTENTIALLY IN THE ZERO LEAGUE TRYOUT POOL.

High School Draft Occurs Separately in the Year: 

2020 High School Tryouts TBA


Tryout Timing:

Summer Tryout is scheduled on a year by year basis, but typically on or before August. The Winter Tryout is generally schedule in early January, weather permitting. Spring Draft Day is held on a weekend day in January or February.


Player Drafting and Team Selection: 

Initial Player drafting and team selection will take place the week following the last Fall Tryouts. Once a Player has been drafted by a coach at a particular level and the parents and Player notified, the Player must play with that team unless the player is later selected to play with a higher-level team. Coaches are strongly encouraged to leave a few roster spots open for the Spring Draft Day.

Final Player drafting and team selection will take place the week following the Spring Tryouts.



The Vice President – Player/Coach Development is in charge of contacting all Parents who express an interest in Coaching or Assistant Coaching in order to determine their true intent and level of commitment and provide them Coaching Applications, if appropriate. The Executive Committee of GJBA will select Coaches in the event of conflicting applications on their sole judgment of which Coach is best for the team and GJBA.

Coaches MUST NOTIFY their Returning Players and the Players they are Sending Back to Tryouts of these decisions NOT LESS THAN ONE WEEK before Tryouts (preferably sooner).   This is only fair to allow Players to prepare for Tryouts. If a Player or Players on the Returning Team elects to “play-up” then the remainder of the Returning Team will be kept together with the Coach who initially accepted them through this Draft Process.

The Age-Level Coordinator will meet with the age-level Coaches, once the number of Players is finalized, and develop a required head-count for each team in order to insure proper competitiveness and that all Players who desire to play in Golden have the opportunity to do so.

Any Coach Drafting to fill a team at a higher competitive level may offer any Player the opportunity to “play-up” at his level. No Coach may cajole, unduly pressure, threaten or in any other way seek to intimidate or wrongfully cause a Player or their Parents to be attached to his roster. Coaches may only seek voluntary participation by Players (and consent by their Parents). No Player “plays-up” unless the Player and Parent(s) Agree.

No Coach may be threatened or improperly pressured to accept a particular player on his Team. Parents may only seek to get their Player voluntarily accepted onto a Coach’s Team. Coaches are the final arbiters of team composition (excepting the team size requirement stipulated above).


Tryout scores are the SOLE PROPERTY of the GJBA and are for the use of the Coaches in evaluating Players in the Draft.   Disclosure of Player scores to ANY Parent or 3rd Party IS NOT PERMITTED FOR ANY REASON.   No Coach or Assistant Coach may disclose the scores to anyone else not actively involved in the Draft.

For Coaches trying to fill teams at the same skill-level the following applies:

1.      No recruiting off of Returning Team Members at the same skill-level.

2.      Alternating picks after teams reach like size is encouraged unless the Coaches determine a more acceptable method.  

3.      Disputes which cannot be resolved by the Coaches and their Age-Level Coordinator will be resolved by the Executive Committee.

Deadlines for Team selection are provided on the Draft and Try-Out Organization and Timing Sheet.   These Deadlines are firm. Final rosters must be reported to the Age-Level Coordinator as soon as they are known and all remaining Players are put back into the available pool for the Draft.

ANY COACH OR PARENT WHO KNOWINGLY GAMES OR VIOLATES THESE GUIDELINES FOR THE DRAFT MAY BE SUBJECT TO DISMISSAL FROM THE GJBA PROGRAM. GJBA is a voluntary organization dedicated to providing a safe and fun teamwork environment for Players to learn and participate in. These guidelines were developed to facilitate that purpose. Enjoy the excellent opportunity you have to assist in the development of these young Baseball Players.


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