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GJBA By-Laws

Golden Junior Baseball Association Bylaws

Revised September 27, 2017

  1. Name and address of organization

    1. The name of this organization shall be the Golden Junior Baseball Association: hereinafter referred to as GJBA.

    2. The permanent address of GJBA shall be P.O. box 598, Golden, CO, 80402-0598. GJBA is a nonprofit corporation

    that is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3). The employer identification number of GJBA is 84-1166837.

  2. Objective

A. The objective of GJBA shall be to organize and conduct a baseball program for all youngsters conforming to the age limitation and residing within the geographic boundaries as set forth in the Jefferson County Junior Baseball League (JCJBL). The purpose of this program shall be to provide said youngsters the opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball for their enjoyment, healthful occupation and athletic growth.

B. The JCJBL bylaws and playing rules shall be, and hereby are, incorporated herein by reference, as such, and as may be subsequently amended, except to the extent that such bylaws affect the internal operation of GJBA or may otherwise be in conflict with the bylaws herein set forth.

III. Members

A. GJBA shall be comprised of one parent or one guardian of each child participating in GJBA and a governing body called the Board of Directors

IV. Board of Directors
A. The Board of Directors shall consist of

  1. Officers of GJBA

  2. One team representative from each team

V. Officers of the Board of Directors – The following officers shall preside over the Board of Directors. The organization chart of GJBA is shown as attachment A.

A. List of Officers
1. President

  1. a)  County Representative

  2. b)  Administrative Assistant

  1. Vice – President I – Administration Director

    1. a)  Secretary

    2. b)  Registration Director

  2. Vice – President II – Operations Director

    1. a)  Rescheduler

    2. b)  Level III Director

    3. c)  T-Ball & Coach Pitch Director

    4. d)  Tournament Director

  3. Vice – President III – Treasurer

    1. a)  Fund Raising Director

    2. b)  Uniform Director

    3. c)  Equipment Director

    4. d)  Sponsorship Director

  4. Vice – President IV – Player/Coach Development Director a) Recognition/Tryout Director
    b) Recruitment Director

B. The President. Vice – Presidents, Level III Director, T-Ball & Coach Pitch Director, Fund Raising Director, and County Representative will function as the organizations Executive Board.

C. Duties of the Officers 1. President

a) Preside at all regular and special meetings. Call any special board of director, officer, or other meeting.

b) Appoint all committees and be ex – officio member of each committee, except where exceptions are identified in these bylaws.

c) Be a signatory on the association’s checking and savings accounts.

d) Interpret or arbitrate, in those instances where action by the Board of Directors is not practical, or possible, or on any points of question as may arise that are not presently or specifically covered by the bylaws, regulations and rules of play, and other policies, and procedures associated with GJBA conduct of business.

e) Manage and administrate those affairs of GJBA which are not amenable to action by the Board of Directors as a whole.

f) Provide suggestions, recommendations and guidance to the league as may be appropriate for the benefit of GJBA’s organization or operation.

g) Ensure, by committee if necessary, that GJBA’s bylaws are updated and copies made available to all board members of GJBA.

h) The President shall not unilaterally change decisions that have been consummated or approved by any committee of GJBA.

  1. i)  Attend all JCJBL meetings or arrange for an alternate to assume duties at county meetings.

  2. j)  Represent the interests of GJBA at county meetings.

  1. County Representative

    1. a)  Attend county scheduled meetings along with the President.

    2. b)  Present at GJBA meetings a summary report of county meetings proceedings and special areas of


  2. Vice – President I – Administration Director

a) Oversee and ensure that the following functions are maintained for the association: board of directors and other committee minutes and team standings (except T-Ball and Coach Pitch programs), and player registration.

  1. b)  Provide direction for the following positions: Secretary and Registration Director.

  2. c)  Perform all duties of the President, in the President’s absence.

  1. d)  Chair the Nominating Committee.

  2. e)  Represent GJBA in county league bracketing meetings and processes, along with the president

  3. f)  Organize, schedule, and distribute team and individual player photos.

  4. g)  Ensure that the new board members receive a copy of the association’s bylaws.

4. Secretary

a) Prepare minutes of all regular and special board, executive committee and officer meetings called by the President and enter a copy of such minutes into the GJBA Book of Minutes.

b) Send copies of the minutes of all regular and special board and officer meetings to all members of the Board of Directors, prior to the next regular scheduled board meeting.

c) Notify all members of the Board of Directors of the schedule and location of all regular and special meetings.

  1. d)  Keep an attendance record of those attending regular and special board meetings.

  2. e)  Provide the Vice President II-Operations with the attendance record for the purpose of team field


f) Maintain a list of authorized team representatives and officers for voting and provide that list to the President prior to any vote.

5. Registration Director

a) Administer the player registration process and insure that registration is done in accordance with county rules and regulations.

  1. b)  Maintain the “Official” county rosters prepared for coaches prior to the first game.

  2. c)  Maintain individual player registration and certificate of live birth forms and insure all players are eligible

to participate in the GJBA program.

6. Vice – President II – Operations Director

a) Oversee and ensure that the following functions are maintained for the association: practice and game field administration, game rescheduling, Level III administration, T-Ball and Coach Pitch programs, and tournament administration.

b) Provide direction for the following positions: Rescheduler, Level III Director, T-Ball and Coach Pitch Director, and Tournament Director.

c) Serve as field manager and arrange with local school, city, and other officials for the use and preparation of fields for practices, games and other events.

  1. d)  Assign practice fields and times to teams in accordance with GJBA policy.

  2. e)  Prepare a list of playing fields prior to the county bracketing and scheduling meetings.

  3. f)  Represent GJBA at county game scheduling meetings.

7. Rescheduler

a) Prior to the start of regular season play, make sure that all coaches and assistants are familiar with the game postponing/rescheduling procedures outlined by the county and GJBA.

b) Reschedule all postponed games and coordinate all field requirements with the Vice President II - Operations.

c) Coordinate with the JCJBL umpire assignor for rescheduled games per the JCJBL regulations. 8. Level III Director

a) Provide the administrative support requested by the Level III baseball program managed by Golden High School.

b) Serve as the conduit for which the high school administrators, coaches, players, and player parents communicate with GJBA.

c) Administer the player registration process. Collect registration fees and give those collections to the Registration Director. Present and secure board approval for a Level III budget prior to the start of the season.

d) Serve as a board member of the High School Baseball Booster Club. 9. T-Ball and Coach Pitch Director

a) Administer all aspects of the T-Ball and Coach Pitch programs. Ensure that there are written and board approved Regulations and Rules for each program which include player eligibility, team and coach selection, practice and game scheduling.

  1. b)  Through the GJBA player registration process, administer player registrations.

  2. c)  Administer and schedule umpires for league and tournament games.

  3. d)  Coordinate player and coach clinics with the Player/Coach Development Director.

  4. e)  Coordinate field, equipment, and uniform requirements with the appropriate officer.

  1. Tournament Director

    1. a)  Organize and schedule tournaments which GJBA is responsible for conducting for the county and itself.

    2. b)  Ensure those tournaments are conducted in accordance with the sanctioning organization.

    3. c)  Secure adequate volunteer help for each tournament.

  2. Vice – President III – Treasurer

a) Oversee and ensure the following functions are performed for the organization: accounting, fund raising, equipment and uniform administration, and team sponsorships.

  1. b)  Collect, deposit, maintain checking/savings, and disburse funds on behalf of the association.

  2. c)  Keep permanent records of financial transactions and submit monthly financial reports at the board of

directors’ meetings.

  1. d)  File all required federal and state income tax returns.

  2. e)  Keep the corporation in “good standing” with the Colorado Secretary of State and Federal/State

agencies by maintaining the non-profit and tax-exempt status.

f) Maintain an account for each team for sponsorship money and disperse money at the coaches’ request in accordance with Article X.

g) Be a signatory on the association’s checking and savings accounts. 12. Fund Raising Director

a) Responsible for all fund raising activities sponsored by GJBA. 13. Uniform Director

a) Responsible for the requisition, maintenance, repair, replacement, distribution, and collection of all uniforms.

b) Inventory uniforms at the end of the season. 14. Equipment Director

a) Responsible for the requisition, maintenance, repair, replacement, distribution and collection of all equipment.

b) Inventory equipment at the end of the season. 15. Sponsorship Director

  1. a)  Responsible for contacting all previous sponsors and obtain new sponsors as needed.

  2. b)  Communicate with all sponsors a confirming agreement, bill fees, invite sponsors to games, and

express GJBA’s appreciation.

c) Order sponsor banners as needed.

d) Provide team sponsor information to the county as required for inclusion in the county schedule book. 16. Vice – President IV – Player/Coach Development Director

a) Oversee and ensure the following functions are performed for the association: player development, tryouts, coach recruitment, and coach development.

b) Provide direction for the following positions: Player Development Director and Recognition/Tryout Director.

c) Coordinate coaches and player clinics. Maintain coaches’ certification programs approved by the Board of Directors.

  1. d)  Assign coaches to teams within guidelines and policies approved by the Board of Directors.

  2. e)  Administer the audio/video library.

f) Administer the mediation process in team disputes, and if action is required call a special meeting of the Executive Board.

17. Recognition/Tryout Director

  1. a)  Organize, schedule and conduct team tryouts in accordance with approved Board of Directors policy.

  2. b)  Maintain a coaches’ recognition program designed to foster coach commitment to the association’s

mission and objectives.

D. Election of Officers

  1. The nominating committee shall provide names for each officer to the Board of Directors in the July meeting.

  2. Election of officers for the ensuing year shall be held in the August meeting.

  3. Nominations for any and all officers may be made from the floor in the July meeting.

  4. If no nominations exist for an officer position after the July meeting then nominations can be made from the

floor for these positions in the August meeting after the elections for nominated positions occurs.

5. If an officer resigns or otherwise terminates his position, the President shall appoint an individual to fill the position and serve the remainder of the term.

6. If the President resigns or otherwise terminates his position, an election will be held at the following regularly scheduled board meeting to elect a new President. If no one is elected an election will be held each subsequent regularly scheduled board meeting until a President is elected.

7. While the President position is vacant the Executive Board will work as a team to perform the functions of the President.

E. Term of Office

1. All new officers of the Board of Directors shall take office at the September meeting and shall serve for 12 consecutive months.

  1. All partial terms of office shall expire at the September meeting.

  2. Officer terms of office will be 12 consecutive months with no limits to the number of terms.

VI. Meeting

A. Regular Meetings

1. Board of Directors Meetings of the full Board of Directors will be announced in the minutes of the Officers meetings, by telephone, or mail notification of all board members and will generally be in place of the Officers meeting for the month.

  1. The following months and main action items are expected to be full board meetings:

    1. a)  January: Registration and draft day planning

    2. b)  March: Start of season matters

    3. c)  September: Election of officers and bylaws changes

    4. d)  November: Approval of budget and bylaws changes

  2. Meetings of the officers of the GJBA will be held every second Tuesday of the month or at such other times

that may be set by the President. The officers and any board member present can vote to take any action they consider appropriate on the day-to day running of the GJBA excluding adoption of a budget, authorizing a non-budget expense in excess of $500, or modification of these by-laws. These meetings will be open to the public and minutes will be mailed to all members of the Board of Directors.

B. Order of Business

1. The following order of business shall be followed at all regular meetings. In all such meetings Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure shall be followed in so far as such rules are applicable.

  1. a)  Call to order by the President

  2. b)  Roll call

  3. c)  Reading and approval of minutes

  4. d)  Treasurer’s report

  5. e)  Reports from each officer

  6. f)  Reports from standing and special committees

  7. g)  Old business

  8. h)  New business

i) Adjournment C. Special Meetings

1. The President or any member of the Executive Committee may call a special meeting of the Board of Directors when deemed necessary.

D. Voting Rules

1. Each board of director is permitted one vote. As identified in Article IV, Section A, each officer and team representative is a board of director. Only one team representative will be recognized as the person eligible to vote. The representative must be either the (1) head coach, or (2) designated team representative. A designated team representative is defined as a person who has been identified by the team head coach as the team representative before the May Board of Directors meeting.

2. If a team representative is also an officer the officer must vote as a team representative and have only one vote.

3. Amendments to Bylaws require a majority of the Board of Directors be present and a favorable vote requires a simple majority of those present.

4. Election of Officers require a majority of the Board of Directors be present and a favorable vote requires a simple majority of those present.

5. All other votes require a two-thirds majority of those present for a favorable vote.

VII. Committees

A. Regular Committee: The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint the following regular committees unless otherwise provided for in these Bylaws.

  1. Nominating Committee

    1. a)  The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) or more than five (5) members.

    2. b)  Members of the Nominating Committee shall not be barred from becoming nominees for office.

  2. Eight and Nine-Year-Old Team Selection Committee

a) Members of the Eight and Nine-Year-Old Selection Committee will be made up of the Executive Board and chaired by the Vice – President IV.

b) The committee is to slot eight and nine-year-old players into the proper team (league of play), based on the player’s level of play. See Article VIII

VIII. Team Selections

A. The goal of GJBA is to field teams of players of comparable abilities competing with teams of comparable abilities. It is the intent to have teams that are competitive within the framework of the Jefferson County Junior Baseball program. It is the further intent that there be at least one competitive level team for each age group.

B. Player Selection

1. T-Ball and Coach Pitch – Because GJBA does not participate in the JCJBL T-Ball or Coach Pitch programs it is GJBA’s sole decision to place players on teams. The T-Ball/Coach Pitch Director is responsible for administering the process of placing players on teams. It is the intent that a player be placed on a team where he will be playing with players from the same elementary school and, if possible, that player will stay on that team until he graduates from the Coach Pitch program.

2. Procedure for teams older than nine years old

a) Coaches will be appointed by the Executive Committee for all levels based on Applications to Coach and Intent to Coach forms received by draft day. The committee when deciding who will coach each team will consider coach evaluations and other information.

  1. b)  The Executive Committee will determine the level of each returning team.

  2. c)  The coaches for the age group and an appointed member of the executive committee will meet and

create a selection procedure for their age group. Draft day scores, prior evaluations, and knowledge of the players prior seasons will be used to select players at each level.

d) Any situations not resolved to the satisfaction of the coaches for each age group will be decided by the Executive Committee.

e) Competitive level teams cannot take more than 13 players without approval from the Executive Committee.

3. Procedure for eight and nine-year-old teams


a) Players will be set on teams and coaches appointed by the Executive Committee. The major and AAA league teams, if any, will be selected based on tryout scores from all players eligible to play major or AAA league. After selection, a coach will be selected for the team.

b) The Executive Committee will meet with potential coaches and using tryout scores select players for each team. Coaches will be chosen for teams based on the draft level of the associated player, though the player can be assigned to a lower level at the request of the coach or parent.

c) After the competitive levels (Major and AAA) are chosen the remaining players will be sorted by elementary school or other grouping information. The recreational teams will be formed by combining these groups.

4. Choices of Players/Parents

a) The registration form will have a spot to mark that the player will not play 0 league. The 0 league requires more commitment than other levels, so players may opt not to play. If a player does not mark this option on the registration, and is not recreation only, he is eligible to play 0 league and must play at that level if selected at the draft.

b) Players may opt not to play for a coach if

  1. (1)  The player has played for coach before and had an unsatisfactory experience

  2. (2)  Other circumstances must be submitted in writing and approved by the Executive


(3) If either of the above applies it must be disclosed at time of registration and before draft day.

c) The registration form will have a spot to indicate the player is unwilling to return to the prior years’ team. If that team does form a returning team, the player will not be placed on that team. Such a player must go to draft day if the player wants to play on a competitive level team (0, 1, 2 leagues). The player will be selected as if he is a new player, subject to the restriction that he or she not go to the prior years team.

d) A player can opt to be a recreational only player. If so, the player does not need to go to draft day and will be assigned to a level 3 or 4 teams.

e) A player may request to play with other players. If all players agree, they must play together; they will play at the level of the lowest ranked player.

C. Selection of Coaches

1. Persons wishing to become coaches must submit an application to GJBA. This application will be considered by the Vice – President IV and he will determine if the applicant is qualified to coach. If two or more applicants want to coach the same team the Vice – President IV will submit the names to the Executive Board and they will appoint a coach for that team.

2. If the Vice – President IV does not feel the applicant is qualified to coach, he will present the situation to the Executive Board for direction/action.

3. If, based on information submitted to the Vice – President IV, a coach needs to be dismissed the Vice – President IV will present the situation to the Executive Board for direction/action.

4. The coach under consideration for dismissal will be kept informed of the concerns and the decision/action taken.

D. Draft Day
1. All players must go to draft day tryouts. unless they meet one of the following conditions

  1. a)  All who are on recreational only and will be assigned to a 3 or 4 league team.

  2. b)  Returning Teams. If a team has at least 6 players returning from the prior JCJBL year’s roster, the team

is a returning team. A player who has marked his application to return to the same team and whose prior years coach has not indicated that the player should change levels will be returned to the same team. Coaches must indicate players who should change levels with the registrar no later than 1 week prior to draft day. The executive level has the final authority to determine player selections for teams.

IX. Practice Field Assignments
A. Practice field assignments will be distributed based on the following priority

1. Officers of GJBA in the following order

a) President, Vice President I, Vice President II, Vice President III, Vice President IV, T-Ball/Coach Pitch Director, Level III Director, Fund Raising Director, and County Representative. (Executive Board).

  1. b)  All other Officer of GJBA according to point accumulation.

  2. c)  Remaining coaches according to annual point accumulation.

  3. d)  The Vice President II-Operations may deviate from the above priority to assign teams to practice fields

that are appropriate to the team and their age level.

2. Officers who are not coaching and have children playing on a current team, may transfer their practice field priority level or annual point total, for use in assigning a practice field to the coach(es) of the team(s) their child(ren) are assigned equally.

3. Annual point accumulation will be determined according to the following

a) Points are earned from September 1 of each year through August of the following year. All Officers and Coaches start at zero points on September 1.

b) Points are given to Officers, Coaches, or Designated Representatives (which can be a coach or parent volunteer associated with a team).

c) One point is given for each official board or coaches meeting attended. A sign in sheet will be at each meeting and is the official record of attendance.

d) One point is given for assisting with a scheduled GJBA activity (draft day, tournaments, registration, equipment and uniform handout/collection, picture day, etc.). Each point represents approximately 2 hours of activity.

e) The Officer or Coach coordinating the GJBA activity is responsible for turning in points earned to the Secretary of GJBA, who will maintain points earned by Officers and Coaches.

X. Sponsorships
A. General Sponsors

1. A sponsor, who does not specify a specific team, will be assigned to a team by the Sponsorship Director. All such sponsors fees become part of the general GJBA funds. The Sponsorship Director sets sponsorship amounts.

B. Specific Sponsors

1. A sponsor who specifies a team is assigned to that team. The first specific sponsorship for the full fee will go into the general fund in support of all teams. The second full sponsorship shall be credited to the team account.

a) Sponsorship money from the team account can be spent at the discretion of the coach in a manner that benefits the entire team. Examples would be team fitted caps, tournament fees, bat bags, or end-of-season party. Funds cannot be spent on individual players.

b) Sponsorship money cannot be used for paying GJBA coaches or any other individual associated with GJBA. An exception is made for payments to non – GJBA individuals providing lessons or clinics for the entire team.

c) All funds from specific sponsors must be transferred to GJBA and all monies disbursed by the GJBA Treasurer under normal procedures for expenditures.

d) All expenditures from the team fund must be documented and include receipts for goods or services purchased.

e) Any spending done through a GJBA vendor or a GJBA account must be documented by a purchase order issued by the GJBA Treasurer.

f) Under no circumstances will transactions be allowed which change the taxable status of any monies contributed by a sponsor or other individual.

g) Sponsorship contributions to a single team from a single individual or business cannot exceed $1000 per year without approval of the Executive Committee of GJBA.

h) No more than $200 may be carried over from one year to the next in team accounts.


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